Is this the year to focus on your dreams?

With 2020 behind you, are

you ready to make 2021 the year you

get back to YOUR dreams? 


I can help you with that…

I'm excited to announce I'm offering a 5-week Group Coaching program, called Momentum, for goal setting and rediscovering the things you used to dream about achieving.

This is a Pilot run of the group so you will be helping design this program for others to follow..

This group is for successful, fun people who may need a little help getting their focus back.


…you’re feeling stuck or you’ve hit a roadblock. 

…you’ve been supporting the dreams of others and not your own. 

…you’ve encouraged the dreams of your team members or leaders at work. 

…you’ve even sacrificed to provide for the dreams of your kids. 


…you want to get clear on some dreams for yourself, but it’s been so long since you’ve allowed yourself to dream, you want a little help, guidance, & encouragement. 

Can you relate to any of these?  If so, then this group is for you!  

The group will begin on Tuesday March 2nd, at 7pm eastern time

The goal of this program is to help you:


  • Get clear on 1 dream or goal you want to work on Right Now
  • Build a really simple action plan for that goal 
  • Begin to build Momentum by taking specific actions towards achieving your goal.


We will be using the book ‘Ignite’ by Mitch Matthews

"I wrote IGNITE to help successful people get clear on some new dreams... especially if they've been feeling a little "stuck" lately. The stories and the exercises are there to spark some new dreams as well as rekindle some old ones.
Plus, with Heidi as your guide... the sky is truly the limit. I know this is going to be an amazing experience you're not going to want to miss!"

‘Ignite’ Author Mitch Matthews

How does it work?

  • We will meet on Zoom for 1 hour every week for 5 weeks.
  • The sessions will be highly interactive and fun.
  • Once you enroll, before the class begins, I’ll mail you a hard copy of the book ‘Ignite’ by Mitch Matthews  
  • We’ll also have Action Activities to complete between calls that will help you narrow in on the one thing you want to work on RIGHT NOW.
  • There will be a private FB group for you to post you’re A-ha’s from your Action Activities, to ask questions between calls, and to have a community where you can support each other on this journey. 
  • Recordings of the weekly calls will be posted in the private FB group so if you can’t be on the call live you won’t miss anything
  • And if you know in advance you can’t be on the call you can submit questions in the FB group and we will discuss them on the call


You may be asking yourself ~ Why Now?

Did you intend to start something January 1st, but it didn’t happen.

That’s ok!!  You didn’t fail, because the only way to fail is to never start.

Every day is a new beginning and, if you are ready, we will kick off your next new beginning on…

March 2nd!  Are you ready???

Let's create the Momentum to your dreams!

I created this program because I know there are a lot of people who want to dip their toe into Life Coaching, but want to try it out first ~ so here is your chance!   

Since this is the Pilot run of this program, it is only $97!!!!  

That is to cover the cost of your goody package you get when you enroll and to give you a little skin in the game so you don’t quit on yourself.

There will be a cost with subsequent groups so don’t miss your chance  – there are only 10 spots available!!


Here is what my clients are saying… 

"Working with Heidi has helped me make some amazing change in my life. Heidi has been a great coach ~ just right for what I was looking for ~ and didn’t even know I needed. Thank you Heidi."
Mary Ann
from Michigan

We are starting on March 2nd , 7PM Eastern time

If you are interested or ready to join you have 3 options:

  1. You’re In! Click to Enroll
  2. You have a few more questions – Email
  1. You want to talk before committing, I understand! Click to set up a time get on a call and we can chat

I know what it’s like to struggle to put yourself first – I’ve been there!

Don’t let anyone, including yourself, talk you out of going for your dreams!!

What have you got to lose except your dreams and an amazing future!

Let’s do this together!

Reserve your spot today! Click to Enroll

I can’t wait to help you get your Momentum started!!

We are starting on March 2nd , 7PM Eastern time

Join our 5-week Group Coaching program for goal setting and rediscovering the things you used to dream about achieving now for only $97.

Mind Set Coach who helps successful single women over 50 enjoy the journey of the 2nd half of their life.

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